Few Words About Us

Ella|Nicole was created by a former esthetician out of passion & fascination. The main muse behind the dream of the company was the founder's grandmother Ella Kemp. Mrs. Kemp carried herself with grace, class, & pride, which is what we stride for in our company.

“At times we are so focused on taking care of the outside we (yep I m guilty too) forget to take care of ourselves. From the time our feet hit the floor in the morning, until the time our heads rest on our pillows at night, we process what seems like a million thoughts. Many of those thoughts tend to be more negative than positive. Whether it‘s comparing ourselves to old pictures that a friend tagged us in, wishing we could get a husband just like what‘s her name, to mulling over our past regrets, the day can really tear us down. Some of us do a better job than others at covering up how we really feel, hiding behind beautiful makeup & nice smiles, yet many of us feel the same behind closed doors.

It‘s okay to know that our flaws do exist, but at some point there comes acceptance, forgiveness, and growth. You aren‘t the only one who wants to lose an extra 10+ pounds, regrets an ex, or wishes she could build a personal time machine. In life there will always be something we want to change or improve upon, but my point is do not let those imperfections rule you. Love you past & all. It may sound cliche but that ”screwed up past“ has created the brilliant person you see in the mirror. Love what makeup can‘t cover up." -L. Kemp


Ella|Nicole: "Treat your lips to lavish nourishing color & shine. Your lips deserve it!"


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